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Managing Your Aircraft

A good management company saves you money, it doesn’t cost it.

Let Us
Take Resposibility

If you own or are thinking of taking advantages of all the benefits of ownership you perhaps need to consider at least talking to us.

With over 30 years’ experience of aviation in all guises the team here can support the entire process for you. Deciding on the likely choice of machine, understanding the real costs of ownership, developing the liability structures, evaluating the worldwide registers and ensuring that the entire experience is positive for you is simply the beginning of our service. 

Total confidence in the acquisition process leads to greater confidence in the operational oversight we deliver, understanding safety, legislation and operational experience is invaluable to an efficient operation, and simply we are here to be trusted with that process.

Aircraft Management

Question : I can manage my own aircraft I don’t need to have it ‘managed’

Often heard and never proven, it is a legal requirement (let alone a safety one!) to ensure there is a formal management/safety organisational structure in place that is open to oversight from the regulatory authorities, insurance companies have insisted on this for many years and owners who have safety and efficiency at the top of their list of requirements have learned that correct management brings safety, lower insurance costs, lower maintenance costs, and lower operating costs. A good management company saves you money, it doesn’t cost it.