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Aircraft Charter

Private, simple, comfortable and highly efficient drive the desire of many to choose us to provide this service.

With over 30 years' of experience directly we can source the best aircraft from a worldwide fleet of over 600 private aircraft. 

Handling Department

Our team welcomes you to Hangar 3 Blackpool Ltd, which is the only bespoke and specialist FBO / Bizjet / Medical / Military / Private Aircraft dedicated handling facility here at Blackpool Airport.

We welcome all aircraft to our home whether it’s a Piper Cub or a Boeing Business Jet!!


Aircraft Management

If you own or are thinking of taking advantages of all the benefits of ownership you perhaps need to consider at least talking to us.

Over 30 years’ experience of aviation in all guises, the team here can support the entire process for you.

Aircraft Sales

To deliver immediate transience, 24/7 365 days a year then owning an aircraft is sensible.

Effectively structured ownership programmes can not only deliver efficiencies for your lifestyle but also for your financial position. We have access to some serious advice when needed to help you learn about such matters.