Professional Aircraft Charter

Providing exactly the right aircraft is our mission

If you haven’t
experienced it then you should

Private, simple, comfortable & highly efficient drive the desire of many to choose us to provide this service. With over 30 years of experience directly we can source the best aircraft from a worldwide fleet of over 600 private aircraft.

We insist on providing exactly the right aircraft for your mission, whether it’s a 4 seater one week or a 20 seater the week after our team will listen to your needs then act swiftly to source exactly the correct machine and importantly at a price which is always going to deliver excellent value for money.

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Why should I use a broker, surely it makes more sense financially to deal directly with an operator ?

Not really, traditionally an operator will only want you to fly on their aircraft, it may be too big/too small, to slow or even too old!

A good broker will listen to your requirements and identify exactly the right aircraft which delivers firstly safety and then value for money.

Isn’t it more expensive to deal through a broker?

Actually likely not, a good broker negotiates strong deals with the operators, they know the way the charging structure is compiled and often secure better financial value from repeated business from other clients, this inevitably results in lower costs to you. Certainly a broker earns money from the process but this should always be no more than between 5-7% and invariably will actually work out no more expensive than dealing direct but giving so many more benefits.

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