17th Dec 15 - Reykjavik

Stunning scenery of Reykjavik, why not  spend a long weekend over in Iceland, with its stunning surroundings, the Northern Lights, Blue Lagoon and much much more, call Hangar 3 and we can arrange everything for you or just assist with the private charter lights, we can make your whole stay bespoke from tours to restaurants.

15th Dec 15 - Visitors to Blackpool

Great to see some old faces back at Blackpool, thank you for all your help over the past few weeks much appreciated

Keep spreading the word Blackpool is Open and ready for business

3rd Dec 15 Empty Legs

Future Empty Legs

5th Dec 15 Manchester - Nice £2900

6th Dec 15 Blackpool - Geneva £4100

8th Dec 15 Hannover - Liverpool £2600

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1st Dec 15 Christmas

Try something different this Christmas, why not book now for a trip to the Christmas Markets in Strasbourg, Vienna, Nuremberg, Lille, Cologne or Prague, Call us and we can arrange the full trip for you including hotels, transfers and events

Call us now or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


26th Nov - 30th Nov Empty Legs

Dont miss these fantastic opportunities of one way empty legs:-

28th November 2015 - Manchester - Geneva - £4500.00, Light Jet

28th November 2015 - Edinburgh - Luton - £2000.00, Light Jet

29th November 2015 - Liverpool - Palma - £2800.00, Light Jet

30th November 2015 - Farnborough - Nice - £3700.00, Light Jet

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Check back for furture empty legs

FBO - BLK Hangar 3

A big Hello from the wet & windy (but rather quiet!)  North, we want to send a brief update from Hangar 3  at Blackpool Airport and relevant information for you to update the data / costs you may be holding for BLK/ EGNH & Hangar 3

As you may be aware the airport has undergone a few changes over recent months since  the closure back in November 14, following the reopen earlier this year the airport had reduced its staffing levels in all departments but the schedule services begin again with the Blackpool to IOM route so things are looking up !

Airport Operational Hours

07:00z – 21:00z 7 days per week, and we can of course arrange out of hours movements with the airports agreement if needed, ideally as much notice as possible is needed BUT the small team at the airport will work collectively if possible to accommodate at whatever notice you can give, anything to help survival !! Fees and charges for out of hours charges from the airport can be found at (http://blackpoolairport.com/Fees-Charges-Payment)

Airport Category

The Airfield remains a licensed airfield for commercial operations with its ATZ live at all times during opening hours.

The airfield is PPR for all IFR flights (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Radar is available Outside Controlled Airspace (OCAS) from Warton LARS on 129.525 during their published hours.

Airport Fire and Rescue Service

The airport currently promulgates AFRS Category 2 but with permission and subject to movements times then AFRS CAT 3 will be available by remission coordinated by your chums at Hangar 3 at no charge, in the event of several movements at the same time (we wish!!) or if you choose to have AFRS Cat 3 specifically for your movement then this will attract a supplementary charge by the airport of £250 + VAT (if applicable), again Hangar 3 will advise and coordinate that process for you.

Additionally then as well we can offer AFRS CAT 4 by arrangement and agreement, and again understandably the airport will charge £350 + VAT to cover the manpower costs.

ALL the charges apply to a rotation of 3 hours so it’s possible to come and go with simply once charge !!

Hangar 3 FBO Operational Hours

08:00z – 18:00Z

OOH on request, please contact us for our price list, the charge relates to the hour that the aircraft arrives in, departs in, we’re trying to simply cover costs with these so I hope you understand.

Contact Details all remain the same but just to confirm :

Email:-                  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone:-        +44 1253 407070 (24 hours)

Fax:-                      +44 1253 405100

Please request our current heavily discounted and utterly Bargain Basement Price List I hope this will assist with you updating you databases and makes us more competitive than using the likes of Manchester & Liverpool (let us know if not)

We also like to hear of any feedback which you feel my be useful in attracting more traffic to use BLK/EGNH & Hangar 3 at Blackpool Airport

If you have any questions or would like further information please contact us any time

Please come and see us and promote your clients to use us – we need to keep the airport open !!

We look forward to seeing you and your aircraft here at Blackpool very soon

5th Oct 15

Welcome Centreline to EGNH, a not so sunny Blackpool today, see you again soon

Hangar 3 Charter

Thank you Luxwing for your assistance with our Charter Flight over the past couple of days, good to see you here with us at Hangar 3 and look forward to working with you again soon

Hangar 3 News

Thank you for the visit today, first time in Blackpool ASTRA SPX Ambulance Flight, glad we can be of assistance

Southport Airshow

Good weekend for the Southport Airshow, we had the pleasure of assisting with looking after a few of the display aircraft including, the Hornet Moth, Jet Provost, Mig15, Spitfire and the Royal Navy's Wildcat Helicopter

Great to see you and thank you for visiting Blackpool, see you again soon