DEFRA Pet Travel

Please dont forget your pets do not need to stay at home when traveling by private jet abroad, using our handling facility at Hangar 3 Blackppool we can process your pet in and out of the UK

If you need any assistance with Pet Passports or how the process works please do call us any time or click on the link below

Once your private travel has been booked we will arrange everything to ensure the safe departure and arrival of your pet who will sit along side you in the cabin of the aircraft

Contact us now for more details

June has Been a Busy Month

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Thank you for the visit to Blackpool Airport Hangar 3, we look forward to seeing you again soon


Upcoming Sporting Events

Sporting Events for June & July 16


27th June 16 Euros

Round 16 of the Euros - England Game kick off at 20:00L in Nice playing against the runners up of Group F - Look out for the update who will it be

We can proivde any size of aircraft for you, your firends, colleagues and family, please call us for your options


1st - 3rd July Formula 1 Grand Prix

Austrian Grand Prix, Spielberg

Using Graz Airport, we can provide you with many travel options so you dont miss this spectacular event


8th - 10th July Formula 1 Grand Prix

British Grand Prix, Silverstone

Helicopter shuttles or private jet into Turweston, Cranfield, Luton or Oxford


10th July Euro 2016 Final in Paris

Wimbledon 2016

27th June -10th July - Wimbledon


Contact us for prices for Helicopter or Jet transfers, single tickets and full hospitatlity packages





Empty Legs 19th June - 20th July 16

Available From Available To Departing Destination Aircraft Type (seats) Good Value Charter Price Empty Leg Price Platinum
19th June 16 19th June 16 Blackpool Nice Citation XLS+ (8) 9850 4000 2000
21st June 16 21st June 16 Blackpool Edinburgh Citation CJ2 (6) 5460 2500 Free of Charge
25th June 16 25th June 16 Manchester Palma Citation Bravo (7) 9550 4500 1000
30th June 16 30th June 16 Liverpool Geneva Citation CJ2 + (6) 7450 3500 1000
7th July 16 7th July 16 Blackpool Dublin Beech 200 (8) 4820 2500 Free of Charge
11th July 16 11th July 16 Blackpool Venice Phenom 300  (8) 11545 5750 3000
12th July 16 12th July 16 Manchester Jersey Citation Mustang (4) 4950 1500 Free of Charge
16th July 16 16th July 16 Liverpool Ibiza Citation XLS+ (8) 13860 6500 3500
20th July 16 20th July 16 Blackpool Paris Citation Bravo (8) 6720 4950


It may also be possible to amend the dates slightly on certain flights, but again let us know what you need and we will try to accommodate as best we can.

Please remember :

  • All empty leg flight are subject to the live leg taking place.

Call us now to make use of the empty legs above 01253 407070


Exciting Opportunity to work in the Aviation Industry

Hangar 3 have been based at Blackpool Airport for over 35 years and are looking for an enthusiastic, hardworking individual who has a passion for all things aviation to assist with our Hangar operations.

Contact us now for further information 01253 407070 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mille Miglia 19th - 22nd May 16

400 exquisite vintage cars and parade them for 1,000 miles through some of the earths most scenic cities and countryside. The event starts in Brescia Italy, at the foot of the Alps and loops thorugh Italys upper boot, passing thorugh San Marino, Rome, Bologna and Parma before finishing where is began.

Mille Miglia has combined tradition with innovation, and vividly coloured that combination with creativity, elegance, beautiful scenery and the Italian way of living. This plethora of rich elements has made the Mille Miglia a symbol of Italian excellence all over the world.


 Mille Miglia 2 200x133                Mille meiglia 3 200x133               Mille Miglia 1 200x150


Visiting Aircraft EGNH

Great week at Blackpool Airport, good to see a busy apron, thank you to all that used Hangar 3 last week and we look forward to seeing you all again soon

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Empty Legs

Call us if you can make use of one of the empty legs below

All empty leg flights are subject to the live leg taking place

A platinum offer is for clients who have booked and completed 3 good value charters with us in the previous 12month period

Available From Available To Departing Destination Aircraft Type (seats) Good Value Charter Price Empty Leg Price Platinum
16 April 2016 16 April 2016 Blackpool Beauvais (Paris) Citation CJ2 (6) 6822 3000 Free of Charge
17 April 2016 17 April 2016 Blackpool Dijon Citation CJ2 (6) 7422 2500 Free of Charge
19 April 2016 19 April 2016 Manchester Jersey Citation Bravo (7) 6120 2500 Free of Charge
22 April 2016 22 April 2016 Manchester Toulon Citation XLS + (9) 10550 3500 1000
29 April 2016 29 April 2016 Blackpool Kerry Beechcraft Premier (6) 5877 2500 Free of Charge
02 May 2016 02 May 2016 Blackpool Rome Citation XLS + (9) 13881 4000 1000
04 May 2016 04 May 2016 Manchester Nice Citation Excel (9) 11550 3000 Free of Charge
15 May 2016 15 May 2016 Blackpool Aberdeen Beech 200 (8) 4660 1500 Free of Charge
29 May 2016 29 May 2016 Blackpool Aberdeen Beech 200 (8) 4660 1500

Free of Charge 

Visitors to Blackpool - Welcome

Great to see new and old operators coming into Blackpool, keep spreading the word, Blackpool is Open and Hangar 3 are ready to assit you with your private flying requirements


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