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Aircraft Sales

The Ultimate Flexibility

To deliver immediate transience, 24/7 365 days a year then owning an aircraft is sensible.

Effective structured ownership programmes can not only deliver efficiencies for your lifestyle but also for your financial position. We have access to some serious advice when needed to help you learn about such matters.

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Our CEO & GM  have more than 40 years’  cumulative experience in the aviation industry, Simon is a licensed pilot, a licensed Air Traffic Controller (Ret), a former Civil Aviation Authority Accountable Manager both in operational sectors and Maintenance as well as extensive operational experience worldwide brings to you a wealth of knowledge and advice which is invaluable.

 Our GM Victoria has over 15 years’ experience operationally and searching the markets for the best aircraft at the best prices, working closely with our customers to ensure that everything is perfect and taking away any stress from arranging your flights, shorts breaks or holidays, because every detail is important